Aviation English Resources

James L. Crowley in F-GTCI    

James L. Crowley

Eurocontrol Guide for Phraseology for General Aviation Pilots.

Aeronautical Radiotelephony Communications for VFR Pilots (Thanks Jean-Yves!)

WhereToFindDocs - Sources for Aviation Documentation in Europe (provided by Albert)

ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale for Pilots and Controllers

Nav Canada VFR Phraseology

Flying in the UK: The CAP Skyway Code

Weather Abbreviations (p155 - 159 of the CAP Skyway Code)

ICAO Phraseology Reference Manual

International Flight Plan Form

SERA14095 Distress and Urgency Radio Communication Procedures

Phraseologie script examples : Closed Traffic at LFLG and LFLS, VFR Departure LFLG, VFR Depature LFLS

Recorded examples of ATIS and ATC Messages

Real Time ATC communications and Weather Information (ATIS/AWOS) from around the world  LiveATC

Situation Awareness in Aviation Systems, Mica Endsley,  in  Handbook of Aviation Human Factors. Garland et al (Eds.),  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ,  1999

USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Resources

FAA Air Traffic Publications Web Site

2021 Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)  (the bible for aviation in the US)

Pilot Controller Glossary

ACD Aviation Master Class - Session Notes

09 Nov 2023:   Session 1 Slides -  The FCL055 Rating, Course structure, Presentation of Participants, Information Resources, Sample Practice Flight

16 Nov 2023:   Session 2 Slides -  Flight Crews,  VFR Phraseology, ATIS Structure, Sample Flight Briefing- ATIS LFLG-B, LFLS-B and LFLS-E

23 Nov 2023:   Session 3 Slides  - Flight Plan Briefings, Weather Terminology, Sample Briefing 

30 Nov 2023:   Session 4 Slides  - Weather Briefings,  Airfield terminology, Taxi and Departure Phraseology

07 Dec 2023:   Session 5 Slides  - Taxi and Departure Practice - Crews 1 to 6

14 Dec 2023:   Session 6 Slides  - Taxi and Departure Practice - Crews 7, 8, 9,   Pattern Reporting Phraseology, Sample Script to LFLG

21 Dec 2023:   Session 7 Slides - Pattern Practice, Air spaces and airways, Cross Country Phraseology

28 Dec 2023:  Christmas Vacation

04 Jan 2024   Session 8 Slides - Pattern Practice, Enroute and Arrival,  Flight Plans, Sample Enroute script,  (ATIS LFLG-L and LFMH-H)

11 Jan 2024   Session 9 Slides - Complete Scripts  (Crews 1 to 4).

18 Jan 2024   Session 10 Slides - Complete Scripts  (Crews 5 to 9),  Inflight Emergencies, 

25 Jan 2024   Session 11 Slides - Inflight Emergency scrips, Weather terminology,  FCL 055 VFR test preparation


Notes from 2022 MasterClass