Intelligent Systems: Recognition and Reasoning

Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble - (WMM42E5)


Academic Year 2020 - 2021

James L. Crowley

11h30 Tuesdays mornings
11h30 Thursday mornings

Lectures are held on Zoom, with meeting ID: 946 8227 9454
(password available on request)

Class notes (pdf)

02 February 2021 Lesson 1 Intelligence: Learning, Recognition, Knowledge and Reasoning 
                              (Recording of Lecture)
                               P. Wang, "On Defining Artificial Intelligence", Journal of Artificial General Intelligence 10(2) 1-37, 2019
04 February 2021 Lesson 2 Machine Learning  and Performance Evaluation
                             (Recording of Lecture)
                             Exercise 1 Performance evaluation, ROC Curves, Precision and Recall

09 February 2021 Lesson 3 Bayes Rule with Probability Distributions and Densities
                             (Recording of Lecture)
11 February 2021 Lesson 4 Nonparametric Methods for Bayesian  Recognition.
                            (Recording of Lecture)
                             Exercise 2 Classification with non-parametric models

16 February 2021 Winter Vacation (Mardi Gras)
18 February 2021 Winter Vacation (Mardi Gras)

23 February 2021 Lesson 5 Non-Supervised Learning with K-Means and EM
                             (Recording of Lecture)
                             Jeff Bilmes, A Gentle Tutorial of the EM Algorithm
25 February 2021 Lesson 6  Support Vector Machines and Kernel Methods
                             (Recording of Lecture)
                             Background reading: SVM Tutorial by Shi Hung WU (CYUT)
                             Exercise 3 Support Vector Machines with Radial Basis Functions

02 March  2021 Lesson 7 Perceptron Learning and  Gradient Descent 
                             (Recording of Lecture)
04 March  2021 Lesson 8  Artificial Neural Networks and Back-Propagation
                             (Recording of Lecture)
                             (10 minute film on Derivation of Backpropagation)
04 March  2021  Paper on Xavier GLOROT's initialisation procedure
                            Exercise 4 Backpropagation

09 March 2021 Lesson 9  Generative Networks:  Auto-Encoders and  Generative Adversarial Networks
                             (Recording of Lecture)
09 March 2021 Lesson 10 Programming Neural Networks in Keras
                              (Recording of Lecture)
                         Example of  Jupyter Notebook for MNIST Digit Recognition
                         Exercise 5 Neural Network Progamming Exercise
                         Exercise 5 The MNIST Database of Handwritten Digits (Y. LeCun, C. Cortes, C. J.C. Burges)
16 March 2021 Lesson 11 Convolutional Neural Networks, Pooling, Classic Network Architectures
                              (Recording of Lecture)
18 March 2021 Lesson 12 Generative Convolutional Networks, Deconvolution and  YOLO: You Only Look
                               (Recording of Lecture)
                        Exercise 5 Neural Network Progamming Exercise (Cont'd)

23 March 2021 Lesson 13 Recurrent Neural Networks
                               (Recording of Lecture)
25 March 2021 Lesson 14 Expert Systems
                               (Recording of Lecture)
                          Exercise 5 Neural Network Progamming Exercise (Cont'd)

30 March 2021 Lesson 15 Decision Trees and Random Forests
                               (Recording of Lecture)
01 April 2021  Lesson 16 Knowledge Representations: Concepts, Schema, Relations
                                 (Recording of Lecture)
                         Exercise 5 Neural Network Progamming Exercise (Cont'd)
06 April 2021 Lesson 17  Knowledge Structures: Frames, Scripts and Situation Models
                                 (Recording of Lecture)
08 April 2021 Lesson 18  Temporal Reasoning with Interval Relations
                                 (Recording of Lecture)
                        Support:   Table of Interval Relations
                        Exercise 6  Temporal Reasoning
13 April 2021 Lesson 19 Planning and Problem Solving, Planning as Search
                                 (Recording of Lecture)
15 April 2021 Lesson 20  Bayesian Networks
                                 (Recording of Lecture)
                       Exercise 7 Planning with A* search

20 April 2021 Spring Vacation (Easter)
22 April 2021 Spring Vacation (Easter)

27 April 2021 -   Review of Lectures
                           Practice Exam - Performed individually and returned as .pdf by17h00 wed 28 April.
                          (Recording of Lecture)
29 April 2021 -  Correction of Practice Exam
                           (Recording will NOT be available before the exam)

4 may 2021 - 9h00 to 12h00  Final Exam

Exams from the Past (Les Annals)

(Note that the cours syllabus has evolved over the years.
No questions using CLIPS will appear in the 2020 exam)

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The exam of  May 2019
The exam of  June 2018 
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