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FGnet - IST-2000-26434

Face and Gesture Recognition Working group

The project aims to have some 30 active members and some 200 members on the mailing list by the second year. Members will be surveyed to help determine the topics for the foresight workshops and as a source of keynote talks at the workshops. All members will be sent copies of the draft reports and asked to comment. During the resource collection phase in WP3, the initial and current members will be surveyed to decide suitability in data collection, based on access to data and previous experience. Once the data has been collected, members will be invited to request copies for use in initial testing and for presentation at a resource workshops. A membership list will be maintained and made available on the web site.

Applications for membership will requires contact details and a description of activities related to face and gesture recognition. Applications will be dealt with and managed by the co-ordinator.

To join FGnet, contact Tim Cootes, the coordinator giving:
  • Your name
  • email
  • phone
  • address
  • Your position
  • The name of your institution
  • The nature of your institution
  • The name of your research group
  • Principle activities of your research group
  • List of publications related to Face and Gesture Recognition
  • Motivation for joinging FGnet

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