M2R - MSc in Informatics

Option: Graphics Vision and Robotics

Computer Vision 

Professors: James L. Crowley, Edmond Boyer

These class notes can be found at http://www-prima.imag.fr/Prima/jlc/Courses/2011/GVR.VO/GVR-VO.html
Classroom assignments are found on the ENSIMAG ADE web site

29 Sept 2011 OpenCV ( Harsimrat Singh) - Salle E 103 ENSIMAG

6 October 2011 Lesson 1- Homogeneous Coordinates and Projective Cameras (James Crowley) - CUEFA 135

Homogeneous Coordinates
Cross Produce
Coordinate Transforms
Projective Camera Models

13 October 2011 Lesson 2 - Visual Perception in Man and Machine  (James Crowley) Salle 008 Montbonnot

Projective Camera Models
The Physics of Light
The Human Visual System
Color Spaces and Color Models

 20 October  2011 Lesson 3 - Color Perception in Man and Machine (James Crowley)  Salle 008 Montbonnot - 9h00

Pixel Level Classification with Histograms
Blob detection and Tracking
Edge Detectors
Measuring contrast with image derivatives

27 October 2011  Toussaint Vacation (Fall Vacation week) 

03 November 2011 Lesson 4 Describing Local Appearance with Derivatives    (James Crowley)  Amphi F018 (UFR Imag)

        Describing Contrast with Derivatives
        The Hough Transform
        Beyond Edges - Describing Local Appearance
        Image Description wiht Gaussian Derivative Operators
        Gaussian Functions as digital Filters 

Tuesday 8 November 2011  Lesson 5 - View Invariant Image Description (James Crowley) - CNAM 134

        Describing Local Appearance
        Gaussan Derivatives as Local Features
        Image Scale Space
        Histograms of Gradients (HoG)
        Scale Invariant Feature Transforms (SIFT)
        Integral Images

17 November 2010 Midterm exam - 13h30 to 16h30 room CNAM 129. 

24 November 2011 Lesson 6  Projective Geometry (Edmond Boyer)

01 December 2011 Lesson 7 Structure From Motion (Edmond Boyer)

08 December 2011 Lesson 8 Reconstruction (Peter Sturm)

15 December 2011 Lesson 9 3D Shape Modeling (Peter Sturm)

05 January 2012 Lesson 10  Motion Models (Edmond Boyer)

12 January 2012 Lesson 11  Articulated Motion (Edmond Boyer)

19 January 2012 Lesson 12 Action Recognition (Edmond Boyer)

Past Exams

M2R GVR 2010:     Computer Vision Exam from November 2010

M2R GVR 2009:     Computer Vision Exam from November 2009

M2R GVR 2008:     Computer Vision Exam from January 2009