M2R - MSc in Informatics

Option: Graphics Vision and Robotics

Computer Vision 

Professors: James L. Crowley, Edmond Boyer and Peter Sturm

These class notes can be found at http://www-prima.imag.fr/Prima/jlc/Courses/2008/GVR.VO/GVR-VO.html

07 Oct 2008 Lesson 1 - Color Perception in Man and Machine (James Crowley)

The Physics of Light
The Human Visual System
Color Spaces and Color Models

21 Oct 2008 Lesson 2 - Image Formation and Contrast Description (James Crowley)

The Pinhole Camera Model
Edges and Contrast Contours
Early Methods for Edge Detection: Roberts and Sobel
Image Derivatives: A modern view on contrast

23 October 2008 Lesson 3 - Room H101 - Gaussian Derivatives (James Crowley)

The Hough Transform
Second Derivatives and the Laplacian Operator
Gaussian Derivative Operators

04 November 2008 Lesson 4 - Gaussian Derivatives and Scale Space (James Crowley)

Gaussian Derivative Operators
    The Sampled Gaussian Functions
    Properties of Gaussian Receptive Fields (or Wavelets)
    Using the Gaussian to compute image derivatives
 Gaussian Scale Space
    Continuous Scale Space:
    Discrete Scale Space
    Scale Invariant Pyramids

13 November 2008  Lesson 5 - Invariant Description and Baysian Recognition (James Crowley)

ATTN! Held on Campus: ENSIMAG D207

Invariant Image description
    Color Opponent Scale Space
     Scale Invariant  Interest Points
     Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Recognition, Detection and Classification
    Bayes Rule
    Bayes Rule using Histograms
    Probabilité Density Functions
    Baysian Classification

18 November 2008 (Séance Rapporté) Lesson 6 Projective Geometry (Edmond Boyer)

25 November 2008 Lesson 7 Camera Models and Calibration (Peter Sturm)

02 December 2008 Lesson 8 Structure from Motion (Peter Sturm)

09 December 2008 Lesson 9 Scene Reconstruction (Peter Sturm)

16 December 2008 Lesson 10 3D Shape Models (Edmond Boyer)

06 January 2008 Lesson 11 Action Models (Edmond Boyer)

13 January 2008 Lesson 12 Articulated Motion Models. (Edmond Boyer)